• National Central University Taiwan Scholarship Program

    National Central University Taiwan (NCU) is offering a scholarship program for UGM students. Exchange students will have tuition waive. Most of the undergraduate and graduate courses and language courses will open to exchange students. Many kinds of activities will be held during the semester, such as welcome party, cultural trip, folk festivals parties and farewell. Also NCU will arrange the airport pick-up service to all exchange students and arrange the dormitory on campus.
    The objective of this program is to develop basic and advanced communication skills for the learners whose native language is not Chinese. In 2013, we will combine the internship in the specific fields at NCU. You will earn 3 credits with a certificate in this program and the curriculum includes listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
    NCU also arrange native assistant partners as the life guide during their stay in Taiwan. The program includes field trips for the participants to learn about Taiwanese culture and offers opportunities to practice what they learn in the real world. Professional teachers are native Chinese speakers. They are able to motivate students in the process of learning. After several weeks’ intensive Chinese language training, students will enhance their oral and aural skills, become more confident in communicating with native speakers, and be familiar with Taiwanese culture as well.
    Program Highlights
    • Program will start on May 2013.
    • A placement test is conducted before Chinese Language Class begins.
    • Teaching materials are designed based on learners’ proficiency.
    • Classes are organized in small groups.
    • 3-day trip to popular spots are arranged during one weekend.
    • Optional professional cultural courses are available.
    NCU Scholarship
    Recipients may be entitled to waived part of tuition fee and credit fees (approximately TWD54,880).
    Maximum Monthly Stipend:
    • NTD 20,000 (USD650)per month for Doctoral students
    • NTD 15,000 (USD500)per month for Master students
    • NTD 10,000 (USD300)per month for Bachelor students
    *Please note that amount of the scholarship a qualified student will receive is based on the decision of the committee.
    Taiwan Scholarship
    • NTD20000 (USD650)per month for postgraduate
    • NTD15000 (USD500)per month for undergraduate
    Required Documents
    Please submit the required documents to OIA UGM no later than April 29, 2013.
    1. Application form (download here)
    2. One or two letters of recommendation
    3. Official transcript (in English or Chinese)
    4. Curriculum vitae
    5. Copy of passport and student card
    6. Copy of TOEFL certificate
    7. Two 2”x2” photos
    Or you can attend the NCU International Student Recruitment:
    Date & Time10:00, December 4, 2012
    Ruang Sidang I, UGM Main Building South Wing, 2nd Floor
    and bring the following documents:
    1. Interviewee Information Form
    2. Curriculum Vita
    3. A copy of transcript (ranking should be included)
    4. Research plan / Study plan (1 page long)
    *Please download the application handbook 2013 for the Programs Open for International Students at http://oia.ncu.edu.tw/student.php


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