• Bandung Disaster Study Group

    Wanna join us?GET INVOLVED then . . . 

    BDSG is a quite young group and still on its establishment.

    We are open to those who wants to:

    a. Donate
    Donate your extra money or facilities to support our activities :)
    We accept donation through
    1.       Wire transfer: Melissa Harnas, BNI Bank Account No.0153141107
    2.       Paypal: risyedwiyani@gmail.com

    b. Be our Member
    Basically we have a monthly learning and sharing session in Bandung. However, a smaller-scale meeting for our subgroups is also held when we need to prepare for disaster education and research activities. Being a member means you can freely come to our session and meetings, contribute your ideas, and work with other members in disaster education and research activities. 

    c. Be our Periodic volunteer
    When we have a project to be done, you can get a valuable hands-on experience by supporting us.

    d. Be our Guest speaker
    If you have something to share based on your experience/ experties related to disaster or climate change, we are happy to have you as our guest speaker in our learning-and-sharing session!

    e. Be our Partner
    Contact us to be your partner in project or discussion!

    For more information, contact Risye at bdg.disaster.studygroup(at)gmail.com.

    blog : http://bandung-disaster-study-group.blogspot.com

    Everyone shall taste death (3:185) - In ahsantum, ahsantum lii anfusikum wa in asa'tum falaha (17:7)


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